Waters System Solutions: Qualitative Analysis

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In routine qualitative analysis, rigorous analytical requirements must be met to confidently confirm identities of knowns, rapidly identify unknowns, and characterize complex sample components. LC/MS has long been the technique of choice. Until now, lab scientists were not able to achieve the analytical system performance that would allow the full potential of this technology to be reached.

Today, Waters creates a complete system solution that conquers the challenges of qualitative analysis like no other LC/MS system can. Our solution combines the revolutionary chromatographic advances in the ACQUITY Ultra Performance LC (UPLC) System with the exact mass capabilities of the LCT Premier Mass Spectrometer, in addition to advanced UPLC chemistries, specialized software Application Managers, and comprehensive services and support.

Waters System Solutions for Qualitative Analysis completely integrate instrumentation and chemistries with software and services to provide high resolution, high sensitivity analyses and give scientists complete confidence in their qualitative results.

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