Application of LipidQuan to the Study of Prostate Cancer and the Response to Various Treatment Therapies

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Nyasha Munjoma, Chris Hughes, Giorgis Isaac, Lee A. Gethings, Robert S. Plumb, Ammara Muazzam, Olivier Cexus, Anthony D. Whetton, Paul A. Townsend, Nophar Geifman
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Application Notes
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This application note describes the utilization of the LipidQuan Workflow7 to develop a polarity switching method for the quantification of the key lipid species involved in the biomolecular processes associated with prostate cancer and the Response to Various Treatment Therapies robust and reproducible targeted quantification methods for lipids that enable differentiation between various stages of prostate cancer (PCa) and treatment therapies are a key area of translational research. This application note demonstrates how the easy to deploy LipididQuan Platform can be implemented to develop a targeted assay, whilst method development and training costs are reduced when using the Quanpedia Library.

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