Automating Preparation of Matrix-Matched Calibrants

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Adabelle Ong, Li Yan Chan, Simon Hird
International Food and Water Research Centre, Waters Corporation
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Preparation of standard solutions is an essential part of any quantitative testing that needs to be accurate and precise. However, this task is time-consuming, repetitive and tedious and is susceptible to human error, which can cause significant impact on the quality of the results. Automating this process would hence minimize error, as well as reducing risk of injury (repetitive strain injury from pipetting) and allow the lab analyst to be deployed for other tasks. Herein, we present two different approaches to automate the preparation of a set of matrix-matched calibrants for pesticide residue analysis; the Andrew+ pipetting robot and the Auto-Addition function available on the ACQUITY UPLC Sample Manager. The Andrew+ pipetting robot was able to accurately prepare a series of matrix-matched standards more than four times faster than manual pipetting done by a typical lab analyst. The Auto-Addition functionality of the ACQUITY UPLC system successfully mixed multiple aliquots from different vials inside the autosampler needle to create standard solutions prior to injection. Calibration curves generated using either approach show excellent linear correlation and good precision. The Auto-Addition feature had an additional advantage by mixing with the initial mobile phase to improve the peak shape for early elutors. Overall, the two automation processes greatly reduced the pipetting hours and human errors, while achieving accuracy and precision, thus maximizing productivity.

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