Rapid Analysis of Synthetic mRNA Cap Structure Using Ion-Pairing RPLC with the BioAccord LC-MS System

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Jennifer M. Nguyen, Siu-Hong Chan, Bijoyita Roy, Martin Gilar, Brett Robb, Weibin Chen, Matthew A. Lauber
Waters, New England Biolabs Inc.
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Application Notes
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Application Notes
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This application note demonstrate that a rapid LC-MS method applicable to evaluating the extent of 5’ capping of synthetic mRNA, an important CQA for synthetic mRNAs, using an ACQUITY Premier Oligonucleotide BEH C18 Column couple with a BioAccord LC-MS System. The ACQUITY Premier Column with MaxPeak High Performance Surfaces Technology could provide considerable improvements in RNA recovery upon first injection. Paired with the BioAccord LC-MS, this combination of technologies allows for accurate quantitation, even at low limits of detection, such that it is possible to validate the manufacturing of Cap-1 mRNA molecules, and potential presence of product precursor related impurities.

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