Analysis of Doping Agents by UPC2-MS/MS

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Jonathan P. Danaceau, Ivana Gavrilović, Peter Christensen, Michelle Wood
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Waters UPC2-MS/MS System using the Xevo TQ-XS has been demonstrated to be a reliable, orthogonal alternative to GC and LC-MS assays, especially for polar compounds that do not retain well by other chromatographic methods. Retention times were stable across 23 batches (>1200 injections) for all analytes. Method development revealed that of those investigated, the Torus Diol Column combined with a mobile phase modifier of 0.1% strong ammonia resulted in the best chromatography for nearly all the compounds. Even using a simple dilute and inject method, the system has the sensitivity and selectivity to positively identify all spiked compounds at the MRPL and in many cases, even at 50% MRPL in both positive and negative ESI.

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