Demonstrating the Waters ACQUITY RDa Detector as an Ease of Use Solution for Routine Accurate Mass Measurements in Forced Degradation Studies

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Chris Henry, Paul D. Rainville
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Application Notes
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Pharmaceutical Discovery

Forced degradation of simvastatin was successfully characterized utilizing the ACQUITY RDa Detector coupled to the ACQUITY UPLC I-Class PLUS System and TUV. The waters_connect Software platform with UNIFI application was used to automatically identify simvastatin and corresponding degradation products with a high degree of confidence. The simultaneous acquisition of high energy data, generating fragment ions, provided additional rigor to compound identification. All compounds and fragment ions presented exhibited excellent mass accuracy of less than 3ppm.

This level of compound characterization normally requires expert users in HRMS to operate the instrument and interpret the results generated. The waters_connect Software platform incorporating dedicated end-to-end workflows, combined with the ACQUITY RDa Detector’s automatic set-up, provides access to accurate mass measurement data in a routine workflow. This information rich acquisition equips the chemist with abundant information to make informed decisions on drug stability without requiring HRMS expertise.

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