Waters Premier Standards to Investigate the Inertness of Chromatographic Surfaces

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Amit Patel, Jennifer Simeone, Susan C. Rzewuski, Moon Chul Jung, Matthew A. Lauber
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Confirming that instruments are properly functioning is a critical aspect of any analytical measurement. System suitability testing helps add certainty to results. In this work, we demonstrated the ability to assess the inertness of the recently introduced ACQUITY Premier System, which has been designed to eliminate metal-analyte secondary interaction. For this, a non-hydrolyzable analog of ADP, known as AMPcP, has been used in the form of new Premier standards. The highly stable molecule has been formulated into the Premier AMPcP Standard as well as the Premier AMPcP and Adenosine Standard. Upon using the AMPcP-only standard with a series of no column injections, it was possible to observe more consistent recoveries from the ACQUITY Premier System versus a metal alloy-based ACQUITY UPLC H-Class PLUS Bio System. Meanwhile, with a chromatographic separation using an ACQUITY Premier Column and the Premier AMPcP and Adenosine Standard, it was possible to detect differences in relative recovery between the two types of LC instruments. These examples of improved performance for AMPcP measurement demonstrate the benefits ACQUITY Premier technology will bring to analyses of other compounds that interact with metals.

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