Maximizing Phosphopeptide Recovery in LC-MS Studies with MaxPeak High Performance Surfaces Technology

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Chris Hughes, Lee A. Gethings, Robert S. Plumb
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Treatment of the LC fluidic path with a hybrid organic/inorganic barrier based on an ethylene-bridged siloxane structure have been shown to dramatically improve, in terms of mass spectrometry response and chromatographic peak shape, the recovery response of phosphopeptides in LC-MS studies. This treated surface, known as MaxPeak High Performance Surface (HPS), limits the metal ion interaction with the phosphate group present in the peptide which is the cause of problems seen with phosphoproteomics analyses utilizing a normal LC system. Various peptide containing samples have been studied, with varying degrees of improvement. In the most extreme cases, we observe that certain peptides analyzed in this study go from not being detected with a standard system to very strong signals with an HPS fluidic path.

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