Developing a Quantitative Surrogate Peptide Assay – Peptide mapping through MRM Optimization for Measuring Dulaglutide in a Rat PK Study

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Caitlin Dunning, Mark Wrona
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The work described here includes a complete workflow for the identification and optimization of surrogate peptides. This workflow has been applied to the development of a dulaglutide quantitative assay. Combined with advanced sample preparation techniques, rat PK samples were analyzed with high accuracy and precision.

  • Peptide mapping experiments were used to identify and refine a list of surrogate peptides to be pursued for the quantification of dulaglutide
  • MassLynx Skyline Interface software was implemented to identify and optimize MRM transitions for chosen surrogate peptides
  • Dulaglutide was quantified in rat PK samples with high precision and accuracy over the range of 0.15–98.21 nM

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