Taking Advantage of Enhanced Sensitivity of the SYNAPT XS HDMS System for the Characterization of Intact Trastuzumab

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Samantha Ippoliti, Malcolm Anderson, Ying Qing Yu, and Weibin Chen
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This study demonstrates the improved sensitivity of the Waters SYNAPT XS HDMS System for the characterization of monoclonal antibodies in denatured and native states.

The SYNAPT XS, coupled with analytical scale chromatography, has provided high-quality data for all samples analyzed in this experiment – 2.5 ng for denaturing and 0.1 μg for native analysis, which could easily be deconvoluted by MaxEnt1 for accurate and sensitive characterization of intact trastuzumab. It is to be expected that the limit of detection for this type of analysis is even below the lowest amounts injected here. Improved resolution of the instrument allows for accurate intact mass analysis even at these low levels.

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