A Multi-Residue Method for the Analysis of Pesticides in Cannabis Using UPLC-MS/MS and APGC-MS/MS to Meet Canadian Regulatory Requirements

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David James, Nichole Taylor, and Christopher Stadey
Bloom Labs at Perennia Laboratories, Waters
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Application Notes
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This application note presents the use of a simple sample extraction and d-SPE (dispersive solid phase extraction) cleanup where the resulting extract is analyzed by UPLC-MS/MS or APGC-MS/MS.

This analysis provides a rapid, sensitive, and robust workflow for the determination of the Canadian pesticide list in challenging cannabis matrices. Complex multi-residue pesticide analysis in a cannabis matrix was demonstrated using both UPLC and APGC analysis on the same tandem quadrupole instrument (Xevo TQ-S micro) with detection at the maximum action levels for each of the 96 pesticides in the Canadian pesticide list. Having the flexibility of universal source architecture to provide access to both UPLC-MS/MS and GC-MS/MS on the same instrument, allows for an increase of laboratory efficiency, while maintaining required sensitivity and repeatability. This method meets the action levels for the Canadian pesticide list and mycotoxins in cannabis matrices.


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