Analysis of Microcystins in Urine with 2D-LC-MS/MS - Part III

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Beatriz Renner, Sabra Botch-Jones and Claude R. Mallet
Waters, Boston University School of Medicine
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Application Notes
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This application demonstrates the effectiveness of captive SPE extraction process for microcystins by 2D-LC-MS/MS from urine.

The 6 × 6 chromatography method optimization was completed over ~18 hours. The option of direct large volume injections of up to 100% organic extracts made it possible to optimize an extraction protocol with a total work time of <30 minutes. This added benefit of 2D-LC-MS/MS allows direct injections of aqueous and organic extracts at various percentages to effectively eliminate time-consuming evaporation and reconstitution steps. The captive extraction protocol produced a 90% recovery of microcystins YR, LR, and RR in urine.

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