Enabling Intelligent Data Capture for Intact Mass Analysis of Monoclonal Antibodies and Subunits using a Vion IMS QTof HRMS

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Yun Wang Alelyunas, Samantha Ippoliti, Ying Qing Yu, and Mark Wrona
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Here we demonstrate the impact of enabling Intelligent Data Capture on data quality and file size for intact mAb and intact subunit analysis.

Enabling IDC for data acquisition is described for intact mass analysis of trastuzumab and NIST mAb subunits. Results show significant file size reductions of between 40 and 80% while maintaining mass spectral quality. The default IDC counts of 5 is optimal for routine acquisitions. The implementation of IDC during acquisition is flexible, employing either a default counts or user entered through promotable parameters. Overall, this implementation and resulting reduced file size will help to improve overall processing efficiencies of general LC-MS analysis.


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