Enabling Routine and Reproducible Intact Mass Analysis When Data Integrity Matters

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Henry Shion, Ying Qing Yu, and Weibin Chen
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Application Notes
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This study describes how the BioAccord™ System, a compact high-performance LC-MS platform, streamlines data acquisition, processing, and reporting for intact mass analysis.

The BioAccord System demonstrated exceptional performance from a new compact design mass detector, workflow automation, and simplified system interaction capability via the UNIFI Informatics platform. intact and subunit mAb mass data generated by this system facilitated automated humanized mAb peak assignment and relative glycoform abundance determination, typical of method validation or routine operation sample sets. The ability to deploy this system in both regulated and non-regulated environments should facilitate rapid method development and simplified downstream transfer of these methods to late development and quality organizations challenged to make more informed analytical decisions faster.

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