Monitoring Multiple Attributes in a Single Assay Using the ACQUITY QDa Detector for Product Confirmation and Process Monitoring of Product Quality Attributes

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Brooke M. Koshel, Robert E. Birdsall, and Ying Qing Yu
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Application Notes
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Application Notes
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This application note reveals a proof of concept strategy for identifying multiple product attributes within a single study using the ACQUITY QDa Detector with compliant-ready chromatographic data software such as Empower.

The ACQUITY QDa Detector provides an efficient and cost-effective solution for monitoring important product attributes in a development or QC environment when characterization has been previously carried out using a high resolution MS instrument. This application note demonstrates that CDR peptides, oxidized and deamidated peptides, and glycopeptides can be identified, quantitated, and reported from a single acquisition using the derived channel and inter-channel calculation functionalities in the Empower software. The list of attributes to be monitored would need to be determined for each respective antibody, but could be readily expanded to meet the individual user’s needs.

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