Building a Collision Cross Section Library of Pharmaceutical Drugs Using the Vion IMS QTof Platform: Verification of System Performance, Precision and Deviation of CCS Measurements

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Yun Wang Alelyunas, Kerri Smith, Gareth Cleland, Russell Mortishire-Smith, and Mark D. Wrona
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Application Notes
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Ultra High Sensitivity Bioanalysis

The deviation and precision of a set of CCS measurements were determined on the Vion IMS QTof platform. CCS was measured for QC and 134 additional small molecule compounds.

The present study suggests that Vion is a robust platform for routine qualitative and quantitative analysis. The high accuracy in CCS and m/z measurement enables its utility for ion mobility and m/z-based compound identification and measurements.


The attached file supplements the featured application note. FDA 134 drugs CCS library contains all drugs measured in the application note in Excel format.


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