Waters CEO talks Brexit, medical devices, and his first year on the job

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Waters CEO talks Brexit, medical devices, and his first year on the job

by Don Seiffert, Boston Business Journal

Sept. 23, 2016

When Chris O’Connell took over as CEO of Milford-based Waters Corp. a year ago, he was the first new head of the analytics equipment maker in more than two decades.

Doug Berthiaume had not only been the company’s CEO from 1995 until last year, but was also the one who orchestrated a buyout of the 68-year-old company in the early 1990s, relaunched it with the help of Mitt Romney and Bain Capital, and then grew its revenue six-fold over the next 20 years. O’Connell says Berthiaume, who now chairs the board of directors at Waters, “a great leader and the prime reason I joined the company.”

This month marks O’Connell’s first year in the position, and the former Medtronic (NYSE: MDT) executive says he’s grown into his first CEO position, as well as getting used to a somewhat new industry. The Wellesley resident says there are a lot of differences between developing and selling medical devices, like he did at Medtronic, and the business of selling scientific and analytical equipment at Waters.

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