Pharmaceutical QC Realizes Significant Cost Savings through Reduced Holding Times and Consumable Costs

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Waters, Chromicent GmbH
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Case Studies

Chromicent GmbH, a pharmaceutical services company, provides method development, transfer, validation, and consulting services. Specialists in Quality-by-Design (QbD)and expert in troubleshooting, Chromicent helps clients improve analytical workflows and methodologies using a wide range of analytical technologies. Approached by a leading generics producer and asked to redevelop the existing European Pharmacopeia (EP) method for carbamazepine, Chromicent redeveloped the existing EP method for carbamazepine using ACQUITY UPC2. They demonstrated that batch release test times could be significantly shortened. This, and the savings realized in consumable costs, reduced the client’s overall costs by almost 60 percent when running the new method on one UPC2 System versus the EP method on eight HPLC systems.

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