A Novel Approach Using UPLC-Tof MSE and the UNIFI Scientific Information System to Facilitate Impurity Profiling of Pharmaceuticals

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Jayne Kirk, Russell Mortishire-Smith, and Mark Wrona
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Application Notes
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Application Notes
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Forced Degradation

This application note describes comprehensive analysis of impurities using UNIFI Scientific Information System.

Impurity identification of aripiprazole in forced degradation experiments was successfully completed using ultra performance liquid chromatography, high resolution mass spectrometry, and the UNIFI Scientific Information System. The ability to acquire accurate MSE data within one injection gave a complete overview of the samples and allowed aripiprazole and its impurities to be identified. UNIFI enabled the use of customizable workflow steps to allow data analysis to be performed easily and efficiently. In addition, impurities identified could be readily stored and retrieved from the scientific library embedded within UNIFI. The relationships between aripiprazole and its impurities were easily visualized using the data evaluation tools present in UNIFI.

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