Analysis of a Toxicology Panel Using High-efficiency CORTECS Phenyl Columns

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Jonathan P. Danaceau and Erin E. Chambers
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This technology brief demonstrates the performance of 1.6 μm CORTECS® Phenyl Columns for forensic toxicology applications.

Waters have developed UPLC-MS/MS methods for a panel of forensically relevant drugs using the new CORTECS UPLC Phenyl Column, 1.6 μm, 2.1 x 100 mm (p/n 186008381). Separations were highly efficient and all compounds with the potential to interfere with each other were baseline separated. The use of different organic mobile phases revealed significant selectivity differences that can be exploited, if necessary, to optimize separation of critical analyte pairs. This column represents the continued development of the CORTECS Solid-Core Column family.

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