Multiple, Sequential DESI Images from a Single Tissue Section at Different Spatial Resolution

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Emmanuelle Claude and Emrys Jones
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DESI imaging has been shown to provide important information about tissue samples especially regarding the distribution of lipids and small molecules throughout a variety of tissues. Here, we have shown that the potential of using DESI imaging to gather information from samples can be enhanced by optimizing the conditions on various tissue sections. Specifically, controlling the gas and solvent flow rates, as well as the voltages applied to the instrument allows for effective DESI imaging at different spatial resolution (i.e., 50 and 200 μm).

This capability of DESI imaging allows for a relatively fast initial scan of a tissue sample, followed by a more high resolution, detailed imaging study of regions of interest identified by the initial experiment. Additionally, after DESI imaging is complete, the tissue section can be directly H&E stained for further morphological analysis.

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