Determination of Furanocoumarins in Fruit Juice

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Waters Corporation
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6,7-dihydroxybergomottin; 6',7'-epoxybergamottin; bergamottin; furanocoumarin dimer; 7-geranyloxycoumarin; furancoumarin dimer
10069081 XBridge Shield RP18 and C8 5 µm 4.6 x 150 mm
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Scientific observations have revealed evidence that compounds in several common varieties of grapefruit juice impact the oral bioavailability of some prescription drugs.  For example, the furanocoumarin in bergamottin and the related compound 6,7-dihydroxybergamottin have been shown to inhibit intestinal CYP3A4, a phenomenon termed “the grapefruit juice effect”.  Studies have linked this inhibition primarily to fouranocoumains, the majority of which are analogues of bergamottin, 6’-7’-dihydroxybergamottin and 6’-7’-epoxybergamotting, including several dimmers of these compounds. 

This report will describe the use of HPLC-UV identify furanocoumarins in grapefruit juice samples.  Separations were performed utilizing XBridge Shield RP18 and XBridge C8 columns. 

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