Determination of Regulated and Emerging Mycotoxins in Cereals, Nuts, Figs, and Animal Feeds Using Pass-Through SPE and UPLC-MS/MS

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Nicola Dreolin, Sara Stead, Simon Hird, Timothy Jenkins
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A multi-mycotoxin method has been successfully developed and validated for the 11 regulated mycotoxins and 20 emerging mycotoxins, including aflatoxins, ochratoxin A, fumonisins, zearalenone, type A and B trichothecenes, enniatins, beauvericin, sterigmatocystin, citrinin, and Alternaria toxins. The performance of the method fulfils the criteria set by the European Regulation No 401/2006 and SANTE guidelines. A simple and quick pass-through SPE clean-up was incorporated and allows the effective removal of some major interferences thus improving method robustness.

The method presented excellent trueness and repeatability, which was verified by using independent reference materials with known concentrations of mycotoxins. The method is applicable to a wide range of food commodities: wheat and maize representing cereals and high-starch-content dried foods; peanuts and hazelnuts representing ground and tree-nuts and high-lipid-content foods; figs representing fruits and high-polar-content foods; and animal feeds.

Finally, the analytical scope of the method can be extended in the future due to the remarkably wide applicability and versatility of the Oasis PRiME HLB clean-up.

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