Improved Recovery and Peak Shape of Sialylated O-glycopeptides of Erythropoietin (EPO) with ACQUITY Premier CSH Column

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Samantha Ippoliti, Ying Qing Yu, Weibin Chen
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Non-specific interactions and adsorption of peptide analytes on traditional stainless-steel LC-MS column surfaces contribute to poor analyte recovery and asymmetrical peaks. This presents significant challenges for characterization of metal-sensitive analytes such as O-glycopeptides with sialylated glycans. Waters ACQUITY PREMIER Technology featuring MaxPeak High Performance Surfaces addresses the challenge of metal-induced adsorption artifacts. In the case of EPO T13 O-glycopeptide the ACQUITY PREMIER CSH Column, when compared to traditional stainless-steel hardware, provides an overall increase in sensitivity and significant improvement to the peak shape and relative quantitation of the doubly sialylated T13 O-glycopeptide. This is a significant milestone in creating robust and reproducible methods for the analysis of O-glycopeptides.

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