Video - Managing Selectivity of Hydrophobic and Hydrophilic Compounds with HILIC and RP-LC

Tom Wheat
Waters Corp.


In this video, Tom Wheat, Waters Corporation, discusses new technologies to solve analytical problems. One challenge is with samples that include both very polar and very hydrophobic analytes.  We often have to consider modes of chromatography in this case. Reversed-phase is the most generally useful technique, and it works well for hydrophobic materials.  Many samples, however, also include hydrophilic compounds that do not retain well in reversed-phase. An alternative mode of chromatography is called HILIC, Hydrophilic Interaction Liquid Chromatography. Dr. Wheat discusses how you can analyze both polar and non-polar components together using both reversed-phase and HILIC chromatographic modes on a single system, the Waters ACQUITY UPLC H-Class System. Additionally, he addresses new detection capabilities that enable you to use both UV and easy-to-use mass detection, with the ACQUITY QDa Detector, to monitor components with different responses. Watch this video to learn about combining instrument and column chemistry properties with unique detectors to provide a single, automated solution.