Application of a Mass Confirmation Workflow for Biotherapeutics Screening

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Henry Shion, Scott J. Berger, Ying Qing Yu
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In the study, we report the development of a higher throughput intact mass confirmation workflow using the BioAccord LC-MS System operated under the control of waters_connect informatics. We have implemented a faster gradient LC-MS analysis in combination with an enhanced informatics capability for matching target mass of the proteins. In addition, a color-coded sample plate can be displayed to show the mass confirmation status of each sample using a simple custom calculation. The mass confirmation workflow was applied to reversed phase and native SEC LC-MS intact mass analysis, with a total LC runtime of 2.5 minutes for each analysis. This workflow should improve analytical efficiency of LC-MS intact mass analysis for the clone screening, process development, and other functions where sample throughput is a concern for biotherapeutics analysis.

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