Bioanalysis Zone Spotlight: Antibody-Drug Conjugates

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John Gebler
Waters Corporation and Bioanalysis Zone
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On Demand Webinar
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With the potential to allow targeted delivery of anticancer drugs to tumors, with minimal impact on normal tissue, there is increasing interest in ADCs in new drug development. This interest is highlighted by a robust pipeline of ADCs in pre-clinical and clinical development.

The heterogeneity and dynamic nature of ADCs raises unique bioanalytical challenges, which will be explored as part of Bioanalysis Zone’s Spotlight on ADCs.

During an expert panel discussion our panelists will take an in-depth look at the bioanalysis of ADCs and the associated challenges. Our experts will also be analyzing key results from our ADC survey and will be taking questions from the audience.

What will you learn?

  • Expert opinion on key problems faced in ADC bioanalysis
  • An expert’s view on what the results of the ADC survey indicate for the field
  • How to improve your ADC bioanalytical assays
  • Future prospects for ADC bioanalysis

This panel discussion was hosted live on June 19th 2015 by Bioanalysis Zone. Watch on-demand:

As part of the Spotlight, Brian Rago with Pfizer was interviewed on ADC bioanalysis and how the community can overcome the associated challenges. Read the full interview here.

Also view a presentation from our resident expert John Gebler on advanced ADC characterization. Click here to download the presentation.