Achieving Maximum Protein and Peptide Recovery, Sensitivity, and Reproducibility using QuanRecovery Vials and Plates

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Moon Chul Jung
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White Papers

Quantitative LC-MS analyses for proteins and peptides are getting more challenging every day, requiring greater sensitivity and reproducibility from smaller amounts of samples. Analyte loss due to non-specific binding in sample containers is a significant problem in quantitation that is often not recognized early enough. Failure to mitigate this problem can lead to hours of wasted time during method development, or even worse, to suboptimal methods that are limited by poor analytical sensitivity and reproducibility. In this paper, we reviewed various factors that influence peptide losses. Understanding the mechanisms and the kinetics of the losses provided useful guidelines to mitigate this sticky problem by allowing us to consciously choose optimal experimental conditions.

We recommend selecting QuanRecovery Vials and Plates with MaxPeak High Performance Surfaces as the first step to achieve maximum protein and peptide recovery, sensitivity, and reproducibility in the most demanding bioanalysis applications and any other challenging assays for detecting difficult analytes at low concentrations.

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