Using the Waters Forensic Toxicology Screening Application Solution With UNIFI to Determine Diuretics in Urine

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Rob Lee and Michelle Wood
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Forensic Toxicology
Forensic Toxicology

The rise of sports doping testing has highlighted the need for a quick, accurate, reliable, and robust method to initially screen large numbers of samples. Expanding the Forensic Toxicology Screening Application Solution with UNIFI to determine negative ionising compounds enables the determination of diuretics in diluted urine at levels which will allow this method to be applied to anti-doping labs that comply with the WADA guidelines.

The use of the binary compare and metabolite identification tools within UNIFI can increase the confidence in the data by highlighting high energy fragment matches and facilitates discovery of metabolites in the sample which are not present in the database. These metabolites can subsequently be added to the library.

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