Pesticide Screening of Food Samples Using the ionKey/MS System

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Gregory T. Roman, Jay S. Johnson, Gareth Cleland, Dimple Shah, Lauren Mullin, and Jennifer A. Burgess
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Application Notes
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Application Notes
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In this application note, The ionKey/MS System, a novel microfluidics-MS platform, was assessed for the micro-LC analysis of pesticides in food samples. Microfluidic technology offers the capability to integrate several fluidic and instrumental components onto a single device. The rugged and easy-to-use ionKey/MS System greatly facilitates the utilization of micro-LC in high-throughput food safety laboratories. The iKey enables highly reproducible LC separation with comparable resolution to analytical scale LC-MS analysis. This was demonstrated in both peak area reproducibility and retention times for pesticides in a variety of matrices. An average of 8x improvement in sensitivity over 2.1 mm high-flow chromatography can help food and beverage laboratories meet the increasing demands of international regulatory agencies. Low flow rates of 2.3 μL/min allow for 10x savings in solvent consumption and costly hazardous waste disposal charges.

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