Direct Analysis of Urinary Opioids and Metabolites by Mixed-Mode μElution SPE Combined with UPLC/MS/MS for Forensic Toxicology

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Jonathan P. Danaceau, Erin E. Chambers, and Kenneth J. Fountain
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Forensic Toxicology
Forensic Toxicology

The method presented here demonstrates the advantages of mixed-mode μElution SPE combined with UPLC/MS/MS for the analysis of 26 opioid compounds and metabolites of interest. All compounds were analyzed in under 5.5 min with complete resolution of all isobaric compound pairs. The use of Oasis MCX μElution Plates resulted in improved linearity, and significantly reduced matrix effects compared to a simple dilution method. Accuracy and precision for quality control samples and calibration standards were also improved using mixed-mode SPE. The ability to achieve LOQs of 5 ng/mL for nearly all analytes and the ability to measure glucuronide metabolites directly without hydrolysis make this method well suited for the analysis of these compounds.

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