Troubleshooting Common System Problems Using Waters Neutrals Quality Control Reference Material

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Kenneth D. Berthelette, Mia Summers, Kenneth J. Fountain
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Application Notes
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The Waters Neutrals QC Reference Material (QCRM) is a mixture of three neutral compounds that can be separated with common mobile phases with sufficient organic composition, and is compatible with most column chemistries, making it an ideal standard for troubleshooting HPLC and UPLC system problems. Before the standard can be used as a troubleshooting tool, it is recommended to benchmark the system performance using the standard and create a set of specifications to determine the limits of acceptable data for future runs of the standard.1 During routine analysis the standard can be used to monitor to the system and if a problem arises, the Neutrals QCRM can be run to determine if a system problem exists and to help identify the issue. Once the problem is resolved, the standard can be run again to confirm that the system is back to normal operation.

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