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Codeine; Yohimbine; Thebaine; Cocaine; Reserpine; Methadone; Amitriptyline; Uracil; Propranolol; Butyl Paraben; Naphthalene; Acenaphthene; Doxepin; Nortriptyline; Trimipramine; 1-Hydroxy-7-aza-benzotriazole; 4-Methylbenzene sulfonamide; Methyl 3-aminothio-2-phenecarboxylate; 4-Aminobenzophenone; Theophylline; 2-Acetylfuran; Acetanilide; Acetophenone; Propiophenone; Butyrophenone; Benzophenone; Hexanophenone; Heptanophenone; Valerophenone; Octanophenone; Morphine; 6-Acetylmorphine; Amphetamine; Methamphetamine; Benzoylecgonine; Nicotine; Benzoic acid; Salicylic acid; Ibuprofen; Quercitin; Isorhamnetin; Kaempferol; Lidocaine; Prednisolone; Naproxen; Ibuprofen; Ranitidine; 8-Bromoguanosine dihydrate; Acetanilide; Triamcinolone; Hydrocortisone; 2-Amino-7-chloro-5-oxo-5H-[1]benzopyrano[2,3]pyridinecarbonitrile; 6alpha-methyl-17alpha-hydroxyprogesterone; 3-Aminofluoranthene; 2-Bromofluorene; Perylene; Naphthol-2,3a-pyrene; Suprofen; Tolmetin; Fenoprofen; Diclofenac; Oligonucleotides; Oligodeoxythymidine ladder; Diphenhydramine; Oxybutynin; Tefenadine; Oxacillin; Cloxacillin; Dicloxacillin
standard mixtures
XTerra RP18; RP8; MS C8; MS C18; Phenyl 2.5 ; 3.5; 5; 7µm Steel Columns & Cartridges N/A N/A
The Most Successful Column in Over 30 Years of Stationary Phase Technology The universal acceptance by pharmaceutical scientists in drug discovery, method development and isolation and purification has enabled XTerra® columns to become the fastest selling and most successful column product in the world of chromatography. The reason: the enabling science of Hybrid Particle Technology. Drug discovery scientists benefit from the DMSO injection-resistance of the rugged XTerra® particle. Method development scientists are able to operate at whatever pH is necessary for optimal selectivity due to XTerra® columns’ wide pH range. Isolation and purification scientists can load up to 60x more material per injection because of the high mass loading capacity of XTerra® columns.

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