A Review of Waters Hybrid Particle Technology: Ethylene-Bridged [BEH Technology] Hybrids and Their Use in Liquid Chromatography

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Kevin D. Wyndham, Thomas H. Walter, Pamela C. Iraneta, Uwe D. Neue, Patrick D. McDonald, Damian Morrison, Mark Baynham [Waters]
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White Papers

First introduced in 1999 in XTerra® columns, Waters patented organic/inorganic Hybrid Particle Technology [HPT] surmounted significant limitations of silica-based reversed-phase packing materials, particularly their hydrolytic instability at high pH. In 2005, second generation HPT, branded as BEH Technology™, embodied in new ACQUITY UPLC™ BEH Columns and in Waters XBridge™ HPLC columns, marks a new milestone in chromatography.

BEH Technology™ columns demonstrate outstanding capability, especially for basic compounds, using traditional conditions. But now you have the freedom to broaden operation to a dramatically wider pH range of 1–12, typical of polymer packings, yet attain peak shape, efficiency, retention properties and high temperature stability equal to, or better than, that of the best silica-based reversed-phase columns.

With an order-of-magnitude improvement in high pH stability and a higher level of chromatographic performance, BEH Technology™ columns define the new benchmark for LC method development.

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