ACQUITY UPLC PDA Analysis of Biocides (Part 2): Pass or Fail Custom Calculations

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Peter J. Lee and Alice J. Di Gioia
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Application Notes
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Application Notes
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 Making more informed decisions in less time is essential in today’s Cosmetics, Personal Care, and Food analytical laboratories. Whether you work in method development, quality assurance, new product development or testing for biocides, you seek a productivity edge. The Waters ACQUITY UPLC System provides that edge, enabling high resolution, high sensitivity biocide separations in three minutes. Better quality information on product biocide levels can now be generated far more rapidly than with traditional HPLC methods.

UPLC combined with Empower 3 Software can effectively run separations, analyze data, and report results automatically. With the custom calculation function of Empower 3, raw data can be converted into the required format and the critical results can be used quickly by decision-makers to further enhance productivity.

This application note describes the benefits of using a simple custom calculation created to determine if the biocide concentration in a sample passes or fails user set criteria. This type of custom calculation eliminates the need for manual calculation and prevents potential human errors. The ability to deliver critical information with speed and accuracy can help manufacturers reduce failed products, avoid product recalls and liability litigations. An example detailing the creation of a custom calculation shown in the note is provided in the experimental section.

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