MetaboQuan-R for the UPLC-MS/MS Analysis of Steroids

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Billy J. Molloy, Robert Wardle, Dominic Foley, Robert S. Plumb
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A rapid UPLC-MS/MS methodology has been developed for the research analysis of 14 endogenous steroids in human plasma and serum. This method demonstrated to be suitable for the analysis of these steroids at physiologically relevant levels in human plasma and serum. This method utilizes a flexible reversed-phase UPLC-MS/MS platform that can be used for various compound classes (including bile acids, free fatty acids, amino acids, tryptic peptides, acyl-carnitines, and lipids); thus allowing the assay to be employed as part of a suite of methodologies that can be operated sequentially as part of a targeted multi-omics workflow with broad compound coverage.


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