Analysis of Plasma Proteome for a Respiratory Disease Cohort Using SONAR on a SYNAPT XS Mass Spectrometer

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Christopher Hughes, Lee Gethings, Joanne Ballantyne, and Robert Plumb
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Traditionally, proteomics has used data dependent (DDA) strategies for mass spectrometry (MS) acquisition. However, developments in data independent (DIA) modes of acquisition have provided the ability to gain qualitative and quantitative information in a single injection without the drawbacks associated with DDA workflows. Several DIA variants exist, but an alternative approach is to apply a DIA methodology that allows for high throughput whilst ensuring high specificity and quantitative accuracy. SONAR has previously been described highlighting the utilization of a fast scanning quadrupole, enabling the technique to be compatible with fast chromatography and high-throughput workflows. Here, we present the applicability of SONAR on a SYNAPT XS platform for the identification and relative quantification of plasma proteins from a patient cohort consisting of controls, chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD), and asthma.


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