Development and Validation of an IA-LC/MS Method to Quantitate Active and Total B-Type Natriuretic Peptide in Human Plasma

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Derek L Chappell, Anita YH Lee, Harold S Bernstein, Michael E Lassman & Omar F Laterza
Future Science - Bioanalysis
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Journal Citations
2016   Volume:   8   Page(s):   2341 - 2349
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Patients with elevated levels of B-type natriuretic peptide (BNP) and/or NT-proBNP as measured by clinical tests have an elevated risk of heart failure (HF). Despite utility in large clinical studies, both assays are plagued by large biological variability and specificity issues. To address these concerns and further investigate BNP in the HF setting, we developed an LC/MS assay to characterize the ratio of active to total BNP.


We have developed and validated a novel immunoaffinity LC/MS assay to measure BNP-derived fragments, as well as ‘total BNP’ in human plasma. The ratio of active BNP1–32 to total BNP in 11 HF subjects was found to be <8%, and the sum of detectable BNP fragments contributed approximately 20% of total BNP.


We developed an assay with the specificity to measure the active form of BNP, which may aid in the accurate diagnosis and better management of HF.

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