Rapid Digestion and Reproducible LC-MS Quantification of Cytochrome C: A Potential Biomarker for Apoptosis

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Paula Orens, Mary Lame, and Erin Chambers
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Application Notes
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Application Notes
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Protein Quantification
Protein Quantification

This application note demonstrates proof of concept for the rapid, accurate and precise quantification of the protein biomarker, cytochrome C.

The combination of the ProteinWorks eXpress Digest Kit (10 minute sample digestion) and μElution SPE Clean-up Kit (15 minute SPE) allows sample preparation to be completed in ~40 minutes, while a fast, 5 minute LC-MS method allows analysis of a full 96-well plate in 8 hours. Using this kitted approach for protein quantification eliminates the need for method development and allows both inexperienced and experienced bioanalytical labs to quickly generate robust, accurate and precise data while also achieving low, single digit reproducibility.


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