Screening Workflow for Extractables Testing Using the UNIFI Scientific Information System

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Baiba Čabovska
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Characterization of packaging, food contact materials, medical devices, and many other consumables used in various industries is becoming more important due to ever-increasing global regulations.

The initial step in characterizing extractables from packaging includes targeted screening, i.e. testing the extracts for known compounds. This is a well-established process and can be performed in various ways by using analytical techniques ranging from GC-FID-MS to LC-UV-MS. However, the final packaging may have impurities present from starting materials and additional degradants such as those formed during the molding process. The structural elucidation of unknowns is typically a very complex and time-consuming process that requires the analyst to have a high level of

This technical note describes a simple workflow and methodology for the screening and characterization of cosmetics, 3D printing media, food and pharmaceutical packaging extractable applications.

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