Performing Peptide Bioanalysis Using High Resolution Mass Spectrometry with Target Enhancement MRM Acquisition

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Yun Wang Alelyunas, Mark D. Wrona, and Nick Tomczyk
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This technology brief demonstrates the Tof MRM acquisition of commercially available peptide mixture MSQC1 using ionKey™/Xevo® G2-XS QTof platform for peptide bioanalysis.

The ionKey/Xevo G2-XS is well suited for the peptide characterization and quantitation with excellent sensitivity and linear response. In this way, one can go from characterization to high performance quantitative method using a single MS platform. The use of a simple turnkey microfluidics technology such as ionKey offers high sensitivity. In summary, the coupling of targeted HRMS (Tof MRM with target enhancement) on the Xevo G2-XS HRMS QTof with ionKey microfluidics, offers a powerful, simple workflow for HRMS peptide bioanalysis.

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