Single LC-MS/MS Method for Confirmation and Quantification of Over 400 Pesticides in a Complex Matrix Without Compromising Data Quality

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Dimple Shah, Eimear McCall, and Gareth Cleland
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Application Notes
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Application Notes
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With increasing global trade there is a requirement for rapid multi-residue screening and quantification methods to efficiently determine residue violations and protect consumers.

In this application note, we describe a single, fast method for confirmation and quantification of more than 425 pesticides. All pesticides were analyzed on a reverse phase column within 12 minutes. One of the objectives of this method was to implement relatively wide MRM windows without any loss in performance. This removes the need to make regular checks on retention time drift, and avoids having to make adjustments to the acquisition method before each analysis.

Two MRM transitions for each pesticide were monitored using both ESI positive and negative modes (deploying polarity switching). The excellent performance of the method has been demonstrated at very low concentrations in chili powder, a very complex matrix. Standard curves in solvent and matrix, easy-to-use instrument and software features to calculate the incurred residues in a chili sample, and data showing robustness after a large number of injections are presented.


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