Non-Targeted Screening Analysis of Packaging Extracts Using the UNIFI Scientific Information System

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Baiba Cabovska
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The initial step for characterizing extractables from packaging involves targeted screening, i.e., testing the extracts for known compounds. This is a well-established process that can be performed using various analytical techniques ranging from GC-FID-MS to LC-UV/MS. However, the final packaging may have impurities present from the starting materials and additional degradants such as those formed during the molding process.

The first step in ensuring that these compounds do not pose any toxicological risks to the consumer is to identify the extractables, or at least their structural class. The structural elucidation of unknowns is typically a very complex and time-consuming process that requires the analyst to have a higher level of expertise.

Waters UNIFI Scientific Information System utilizes accurate mass and fragment information to simplify data review and facilitate the decision-making process.  This LC-MS and Informatics workflow, which employs high-resolution mass spectrometry, can be adopted for cosmetics, food, and pharmaceutical packaging extractable applications.

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