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Increased sensitivity and resolution for Time-of-Flight mass spectrometry

Waters®’ Quadrupole Time-of-Flight (Q-Tof™) mass spectrometers are fast, sensitive, high resolution, accurate mass instruments that integrate fully with fast separation techniques and are capable of generating the information scientists need to detect, identify, and quantify trace level compounds in complex and difficult samples. Since the first commercial Q-Tof instrument was introduced by Waters in 1996, they have served to expand the analytical capabilities of laboratories around the world, across a range of scientific disciplines. From health science research to industrial manufacturing, from pharmaceutical discovery to consumer protection, the impact of these instruments has been significant over the last 18 years.

Since 1996, improvements in technology have significantly enhanced the dynamic range, mass accuracy, sensitivity and resolving power of Waters’ Q-Tof instruments. The XS Collision Cell is the latest technological advance that delivers increased sensitivity and allows the Q-Tof to match the quantitative performance of many tandem quadrupole instruments without compromising mass resolution.

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