Troubleshooting and Optimization of Bioanalytical Methods for Therapeutic and Endogenous Peptides

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Erin Chambers, Principal Applications Scientist, Waters Corporation
Waters and Bioanalysis Journal
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On Demand Webinar
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This is the final presentation in the series of 3 webinars on "Scientists Helping Scientists Meet New Challeges in Pharmaceutical Drug Discovery and Development".

In this live webinar Erin Chambers, Principal Applications Scientist at Waters Corporation discusses troubleshooting and optimization of bioanalytical methods for therapeutic and endogenous peptides.

Watch the on-demand webinar on Bioanalysis Zone, broadcasted live November 5, 2013.

Key Learning Objectives:

  • Identify specific challenges that cause large molecule methods to fail and learn how to identify the nature of the issue and develop an appropriate solution
  • Better understand problematic peptides, with specific examples, to highlight challenges such as peptide loss, poor sensitivity, solubility, specificity/selectivity, protein binding, non-specific binding, low extraction recovery, and more
  • Learn strategies to characterize a peptide prior to the start of method development and how that information can help streamline the method development process


Erin Chambers is a Principal Applications Chemist, providing pharmaceutical applications development and support for Waters Applied Technology Group. Erin's primary role is to support regulated and discovery Bioanalysis, and develop bioanalytical methods for drug molecules, both large and small. She is responsible for sample preparation, mass spectrometry, and LC method development, and also provides customer and in-house training on these topics. Her most recent focus has been on peptide and protein bioanalysis.