Dramatic Improvements in Assay Reproducibility for Water-Soluble Vitamins Using ACQUITY UPLC and the Ultra-Sensitive Xevo TQ-S Mass Spectrometer

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Nicholas A. Cellar, James E. Denison, C. Thomas Seipelt, Marian Twohig, and Jennifer A. Burgess
Abbott Nutrition and Waters
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Application Notes
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Application Notes
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 Recent advances in LC/MS/MS have further decreased the limits of detection that can be attained. In this work, however, the latest advances in LC/MS/MS technology have been used to specifically attain much lower RSDs than have been previously attainable with this type of multi-analyte method. This high level of reproducibility is required in order to address label claim disputes, minimize overage amounts, and maintain profitability while ensuring the health and safety of all consumers of these products. In this application note, quantification of seven water-soluble vitamins in a single method using UPLC/MS/MS with improved RSDs below 3% for all vitamins.

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