Product ion mobility as a promising tool for assignment of positional isomers of drug metabolites

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Filip Cuyckens, Carola Wassvik, Russell J. Mortishire-Smith, Gary Tresadern, Iain Campuzano, Jan Claereboudt
Rapid Communications in Mass Spectrometry
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2011   Volume:   25(23)
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Travelling wave ion mobility spectrometry – mass spectrometry (TWIMS-MS) was evaluated as a tool for structural identification of metabolites of small molecule drugs in cases where the exact position of the biotransformation could not be identified by conventional tandem mass spectrometry. Test sets of compounds containing biotransformations at aromatic positions were analyzed. These present a problem for traditional MS methods since an atomic level localization of the biotransformation cannot normally be determined from MSn spectra. In addition to ion mobility measurements of the intact metabolite ions, ion mobility measurements of product ions were also made and the results compared with calculated values. This approach reduces the complexity of the problem, making theoretical calculations easier and more predictable when a modeled collision cross section (CCS) is required. A good relative correspondence between theoretical and measured CCSs was obtained allowing the identification of the exact position of the biotransformation. It was also demonstrated that authentic standards with substructures identical to those in the unknown can be used to assign the exact position of the biotransformation. In this approach the identification was based on the comparison of the drift times or CCSs for product ions of the standard, with those of the same product ions in the unknown. Learn more