Analytical Challenges of Food Contact Materials

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Cristina Nerin
Hosted by C&E News
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On Demand Webinar
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Compliance and Regulatory
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Extractable and leachable components, which are potentially harmful to human health, are of great concern to manufacturing industries, particularly manufacturers of food contact materials (FCMs). FCMs have to be safe, which means that they should not transfer any substance that could endanger consumers' health. This transfer of matter is usually called “migration”. To guarantee the safety of these materials the likely source of the migration has to be tested, analyzed, and carefully controlled ̶ which implies the identification and quantification of every single substance transferred from the FCM to the food in contact with them. 

In this on-demand webinar, Prof Dr. Cristina Nerin describes the latest analytical methods for the identification and quantification of food contact materials using high resolution mass spectrometry (HRMS). Hosted by Chemical & Engineering News.

 Special Guest Speaker:


Prof. Dr. Cristina Nerin 
Director of the Analytical Research Group (GUIA)
University of Zaragoza (Spain)