Identification and Quantitative Analysis of Egg Allergen Peptides Using Data Independent Ion Mobility Mass Spectrometry

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Lee A Gethings, Nathalie Gillard, Antonietta Wallace, and Valery Dumont
CER Groupe and Waters
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Application Notes
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Application Notes
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Food allergen analysis using LC-MS/MS is currently a hot topic for many food scientists. Egg-based proteins are one of the most frequent causes of adverse reactions in food. Since many processed foods contain egg as a raw ingredient, the ability to assess changes in protein structure and detection through the manufacturing cycle is important.

In this application note, a discovery proteomic workflow has been applied to determine marker peptides that can be used for the quantitative analysis of allergenic proteins within food. 

Proteins extracted from raw and cooked egg samples were digested using trypsin and label-free protein expression data were acquired with the SYNAPT G2-Si HDMSE using an ion mobility data independent approach (whereby the collision energy was switched between low and elevated energy states during alternate scans).

Ion mobility as part of the workflow provides enhanced specificity and therefore confidence of identifications returned, even in the presence of complex matrices, such as processed food samples.

Although only egg proteins were the focus of this work, other proteins relating to other allergens were observed, providing a potential means for multi-allergen detection.

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