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UltraPerformance Convergence Chromatography (UPC2) Technology is a holistically designed chromatographic system that leverages the proven benefits of UPLC Technology to modernize the traditional supercritical fluid chromatography technique. The ACQUITY UPC2 System utilizes sub-2 micron particle columns and compressed CO mobile phase along with organic co-solvent and additives to achieve unparalleled resolving power and selectivity in chromatographic separation.

UPC2 brings together the ease-of-use of reversed-phase LC and the selectivity of normal-phase LC. The miscibility of CO2 with a variety of polar and non-polar organic solvents has made UPC2 versatile enough to separate a much wider range of compounds than reversed-phase LC.

UPC2 enables food scientists to separate, detect, and quantify a broad range of compounds with unequaled speed and confidence, including:

  • Fat-soluble vitamins
  • Lipids and fatty acids
  • Structural analogs and isomers

ACQUITY UPC2 Technology expands the capability of food testing labs in addressing both complex and routine separation challenges.

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